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2019, I'm coming for you...

Well, I suppose when you start a new blog the most common way to start is by introducing yourself right? I’m Kate, the founder of Heroica  along with my husband Neil. I have three children – one soon to be 7, a 3yr old and a 7 month, I’m British – originally from a town near Brighton on the South coast of England, but currently living in Gothenburg! I’m also a teacher with a job at an English school, so you could say that life is pretty busy…

On a day to day basis its chaotic and loud, we run around from place to place juggling everything, so my peace, my quiet moment, a space for me is when I'm exercising. 

Exercise is my sanity! 

My fitness journey - and in a way Heroica started in earnest after I gave birth to my second child. I started an Instagram account to keep myself accountable, discovered the BBG Sweat program and carved out some time for myself every day. I saw physical changes, but I have to say that the ‘mental’ changes were more important.

I’m now on the "road" again. Working on my body after my third (and final!) baby and this time it feels different! This time it feels more permanent somehow. I think in the past I always felt that my journey would be halted as I went through pregnancy again, however this time around it feels like everyday I am working on my future self ~ and that’s pretty exciting!!

So why a blog? 

There are a number of reasons why I wanted to start writing a blog. Firstly, for me, writing is cathartic. I’ve always loved writing and so this feels like a pretty good outlet. Secondly, I want to support and empower other women. If I can find a moment each day to work on myself – then you can too and we can do it together!

I'll be writing weekly about my fitness journey/what's going on with Heroica/crazy mum life, so I hope that you enjoy the ramblings of a coffee addicted, sleep deprived mum of 3! 

I’d love for you to follow along with my journey and to share yours with me too!

On a day to day basis you can follow my fitness journey on Instagram @coffee.and.kettlebells - otherwise I'll see you next week!

Kate x

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