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Barry's Bootcamp

We are really excited to have teamed up with Barry's Bootcamp to offer you a FREE session with every order over 1000sek throughout June!

So today I set foot in the famous Barry's Red Room! For those of you who haven't heard of Barry's, they describe themselves as "

a vibe. The red lights hit, the beat drops and you lose yourself in the energy of the Red Room. You’ll run faster, lift heavier and you won’t do it alone"

Heroica and Barry's Bootcamp

Originating in America, the Barry's phenomenon has spread throughout the UK, Canada, Australia, France etc and has now arrived in Sweden! The 'original' Barry's workout is based on 50% treadmill and 50% floor workout and it's claimed that you can burn up to 1,000 calories in the hour session. 

I grabbed my training buddy and we headed into Barry's Gothenburg to try the Red Room for ourselves! 

Barry's Gothenburg

When you walk into Barry's you have the fuel station to your left where you can grab a protein shake after your session and if you know what you want you can order in advance so it's waiting there for you! We headed off to get ready and were blissfully unaware of the intense workout that lay ahead of us. 

On entering the red room you high-five the instructor and that sets the tone for the session - high energy, fast paced and loads of support from everyone else working out with you! We started on the treadmills with 15 minutes of intervals; both speed and incline. The music is carefully curated and honestly kept me going. Every time I felt that I couldn't run any further or faster a beat dropped, the lights flashed and I just kept on moving! 

Moving onto the floor the time flew by. We did squats, lunges, deadlifts, planks rows - it was an intense full-body workout! And just when you think you can't do any more, you're back onto the treadmill again!

"When you're in the Red Room; get your ass to the grass"  

The second treadmill session consists of three 2 minute challenges where you up the ante and are literally running for your life. I have to admit that on the third one there was no way my legs were going to run at level 14 for 90 seconds so I lowered my setting to 12, but I was sprinting for my life. Before you know it, your back onto the floor for some band work. 

The intensity of the workout, the lights, the music, the enthusiasm from the instructor totally see's you through. There's never a dull moment and the time flies by. At the end I was so proud of myself and there are high-fives all round. I even felt a bit emotional - I'd really stepped out of my comfort zone with sprints on the treadmill and I have exceeded my own expectations! 

You high-five your way out of the Red Room and into the luxury of the changing rooms! 

Barry's isn't cheap with one class costing around 200 sek, but I can see how you could become addicted! Straight after the class I was thinking it would be a good thing to do once a month, a few hours on and I'm already wondering when I could get there next. I would never push myself to do such an intense workout in the gym and it's definitely an experience rather than just a training session! 

So, here's what to do:

  • Place your order online for over 1000sek and we'll automatically enclose a FREE Barry's class pass.
  • Phone your local Barry's or pop-in and book your spot.
  • Hand over your pass and get ready to sweat!

I definitely recommend giving it a go - no matter how fit you think you are or aren't Barry's instructors will definitely get the best out of you! Throughout June we're giving away a FREE class pass with every order over 1,000sek, so we'll get you looking the part, but the hustle's on you!!

Kate x 

You can follow our Founder Kate's fitness journey over on her instagram @coffee.and.kettlebells

Barry's Bootcamp Gothenburg

"Remember, if you just died on the treadmill, death is the only way to get to heaven!" 


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