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SWEAT 12 week challenge!

Hands up who's heard of Kayla Itsines? No, until a couple of years ago I hadn't either. Kayla (because we're obviously on first name terms) is a Personal Trainer from Australia and the creator of the Beach Body Guides or BBG workouts. Initially in PDF form these guides have grown into a global sensation with followers known as Kayla's Army filling rooms to workout with her, buying her books and downloading the new and improved app. 

I first discovered the BBG program around three years ago when I set up my Instagram fitness account and started my journey to get in shape after baby number 2. Originally I started my fitness instagram for accountability; If I needed to post a picture, I actually needed to work out! I started off with various workout DVD's or wandering around the gym but it was only when I discovered BBG that I really started to see progress. 

progress using the BBG app

After 12 weeks of the program - (which is pretty intensive with 3 resistance sessions a week, three cardio, a foam roller recovery session and optional challenges) I had lost any remaining pregnancy weight (plus some) built more muscle tone and definitely felt stronger and more energised! However, I then started back at work and with a full time job and two young children it kept harder to keep it up. I'm also the type of person that feels like I have to do it all - if I missed one resistance or cardio session I felt like the week was null and void and needed to be repeated before I could move onto the next week. I took a break from the app, but kept up with the most amazing part of the program - the Instagram community! I have made SO many 'friends' (some of who I have actually met in real life now) through the BBG community and whenever you are lacking motivation, finding it tough or wanting to share some success there are a dozen cheerleaders waiting to see you through! 

Sweat app trainers

The app has evolved a lot since I first started the program and now has four other trainers as well as Kayla and 7 different programs to choose from. 

  • BBG home workouts with Kayla Itsines 
  • BBG Stronger gym based workouts with Kayla Itsines
  • PWR gym based workout with Kelsey Wells
  • PWR Post-Pregnancy with Kelsey Wells
  • BAM Sjana Elise's yoga program
  • BUILD gym-based power building program with Stephanie Sanzo
  • FIERCE A combination of strength training and HIIT with Chontel Duncan

But one things has remained the same. Each year the Sweat app hosts the 12 week challenge. This year it kicked off on January 14th and will end on April 8th. The challenge is a chance for women to come together and to support one another! (Which you know we're a fan of at Heroica!) The aim of the challenge is to complete a full 12 weeks of a workout program together. 

This year I have chosen to follow the Kelsey Wells PWR program and I'm really excited! I took my 'before' pics which you can see over on my Instagram account and today I did my first workout - chest and triceps which I'm already starting to feel the effects of (ouch!) 

It's not too late to join the challenge and I think there is a special offer on the app whilst the challenge is on - so now is the perfect time to give it a go! If you do decide to join in then make sure you tag me so that I can follow along on your journey! I'll be updating you on my PWR journey and how it's going monthly - we'll see if there's any noticeable changes come week 12!!

Have a wonderful week!! 

Kate x

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