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Fitnessfia's take on our Yoga socks!
"Yoga Socks for better grip and warm feet!"
"Yoga socks are non-slip socks specially designed for yoga. Are you like me and sweat a lot during the yoga session? Slipping during yoga positions can lead to  over-stretching and in the worst case, injury! I'm not ashamed to say that I have to get some better yoga accessories than someone who doesn't sweat so much! Among other things, I invested in a non-slip yoga mat, tested various yoga towels and now most recently these Pointe Studio yoga socks! Here I evaluate these socks to see if they are worth a purchase!

I have tested a pair of Heroica; Pointe Studio socks that cost an affordable 120 kr for one pair or 349 kr for a gift box with 3 pairs.
Pointe Studio yogastrumpor från
Of course if you're thinking of buying Yoga socks, you want to know that they work! As mentioned before, I sweat a lot when I exercise or practice yoga. For us sweaters, these socks can really be helpful! The underside is like non-slip socks for children, you know the ones you always wore at kindergarten so as to not fall on the slippery linoleum floor. However, the design feels very classy and 2018!

So in response to the question if they really are needed, you have to decide if your feet sweat enough to make you slip on the mat. I know mine do and I can rarely use the usual yoga mats available at the gym and yoga studios without slipping. 

Another thought is if you suffer from cold feet. Especially during the first yoga positions, it may be quite cold, and you can wear these socks to keep you warm at the start and remove them later when you have warmed up your body.
Pointe Studio Yogastrumpor, Under Armour bh och Adanola Byxor - hoss
So, a non-slip yoga mat, yoga towel or yoga socks?

I invested quite early on in a non-slip yoga mat, which I am very pleased with. Certainly, it's not 100% non-slip, but so much better than a regular mat. I also used a yoga towel before I bought this yoga mat but did not think it worked so well. I got a tip from my yoga teacher to wet the yoga towel for a better grip, but it did not feel so cozy, especially when you use it for lots of different positions.

Now there is therefore another option - yoga socks! These also work when you are practicing yoga directly on wooden floors or any other surface that is not a yoga mat. I like them and think they work well. Some 'true yogis' might debate that you can not spread your toes completely, but I have not experienced that it affects my grounding or balance!
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