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Happy New Year to you all!
As we 'jump' out of 2018 we can't help but reflect on what a year it’s been for Heroica. We have attended more events this year such as Yoga Games and Prana Festival and we have even had our own pop up store in Göteborg!
We have increased the number of studios that you can find our products in on a regular basis and next year will see even more “shop-in-studios”. 

We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline which we can’t wait to share with you in 2019!
Selling products online definitely has its challenges and we have learned a lot this year. Our business plan may have changed and adapted to the circumstances but our vision remains the same: to bring together the best activewear and accessory brands from around the World!
Even more focus will be given in 2019 to sourcing brands and products that are not only good for you but good for the planet too!
What we love more than anything and this is truly from our hearts, is the inspiration that you give us. Instagram as become our favourite hobby and we love reading your comments and seeing our products in action! Whenever we have a tough day at work or are desperately making excuses not to head off to the the gym or the studio, we just turn to instagram. 

You guys drive us and for that we are so thankful. 

We can’t wait to follow your training journeys and get even more inspiration from your pictures in 2019! 
Thank you again for 2018!
Kate & Neil - Heroica x