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How to create a yoga sequence

Yoga is fantastic for both body & mind.

If you don't have time to get yourself to a yoga studio, you can easily practice yoga at home. YouTube offers a variety of free yoga classes online, but if you're interested in creating your own sequence, here's a guide.

1. Create a Space

Have a specific home practice space set aside for your yoga where you won't be distracted. If you can, have a space where you can leave your mat spread out so that you can get started without any set-up. 

Create a space where you can leave your mat out ready for your yoga practice

2. Calm down.

Start with a centering to calm the mind and bring intention to the practice. A centering for a 60 minute yoga practice should be about 3-5 minutes.

Calm down, take a moment to breathe and think about your practice

3. Be Gentle, but move a little more.

Start off slow, stretch and take deep breaths. Once you're warmed up, do a few sun salutations with variations or some poses for legs and butt. Move slowly and with control, making sure to link your movement with your breath. Use blocks and straps to help you progress your postures.

3. Get up, Stand up.

Start a standing/balancing sequence. Poses like triangle, reverse triangle, and dancer's pose are good here. Spend about 10-15 minutes here.

Get up, stand up

4. Most Challenging.

If you're working up to a challenging pose or transition like a drop back or an inversion, this is the time to bust it out. Give yourself 5-8 minutes with these and make sure to end this block of time with a counter pose when you're finished.

Work up to your most challenging moves

5. Have a seat

Seated poses usually come next. Gomukasana or baddha konasana are good options for the hips, and pigeon pose and this piriformis stretch are great for sciatica pain. Remember to breathe deeply and never force yourself past your edge. Spend 8-10 minutes doing seated poses.

Mandala Rose Infinity Yoga Mat

6. Corpse Pose

Finally! We save the best for last in yoga. End in savasana by laying on your mat with your eyes closed. Let go of your breath and breathe naturally. If a thought comes to you, just push it away without paying it any attention. Spend 5-10 minutes here.

What are your best Yoga practice tips? Leave a comment below and let us know! Or tag us in your photos on Instagram @heroicalife