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Yoga Stories

Yoga Stories - Matilde Wergeland

When we met Matilde around a year ago, we were completely inspired and a little bit in awe! Journalist and travel writer for, Matilde can constantly be found in the most gorgeous locations, eating the most delicious food and indulging in beauty treatments. 

Yoga Stories med Matilde Wergeland

What drew us to Matilde was her immaculate sense of style and like us - a love for Yoga.

"I believe that Yoga definitely is one of the toughest, but at the same time the most soothing things you can do for your body and mind"
Matilde in our Love, Life, Yoga vest and Lilybod leggings


Last year Matilde was in Srilanka at the most beautiful yoga studio where she was striving to perfect her postures. One posture that Matilde managed to learn during her time there was 'The Wheel'


"A teacher I met there told me I had the strength and ability, but needed to set my mind on it and believe that I could do it. I saw in my head how I managed to do the pose and then one day I did it! And I realised, isn't this key to pretty much anything you want to achieve in life? You often have more strength and ability than you think, you just need to change your mindset and really believe you can do it"


Matilde perfected The Wheel during her time in Srilanka


With so much traveling Matilde can often feel like her life is up in the air and that her thoughts are all over the place. Practicing Yoga helps to keep her grounded. 


"Grounded like a tree, standing tall even in the most turbulent weather. Yoga helps me to control my mind and body better, to breathe and remain calm when everything round me seems stormy"


Tree Pose - keeping me grounded whilst everything around me feels stormy


You can follow Matilde's journey and find inspiration by following her instagram @matildew 


Matilde wears our Lilybod Coco leggings, Filippa K Soft Sport Yoga Bra


Matilde wears our Lilybod Coco Leggings , Filippa K Soft Sport Yoga Bra and Love, Life, Yoga Tank in Grey


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