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RAW : CHOCO COFFEE CAKE (From the Bodygard + Heroica Event)

My Raw Choco Coffee Cake was a HUGE hit at Heroica's event at Bodygard - In fact, Kate (Heroica's founder) loved it so much she took a huge slice home and ate it as dinner! 

A perfect healthy weekend treat! Here's how you can make it yourself;

Recipe makes 12-16 pieces


3 dl shredded coconut
1 dl hazelnuts
2 dl cashew nuts
200g pitted dates
1 tbs coconutoil
3 tbs Raw cacao
1 tbs maple syrup


1 dl strong coffee
400 ml coconutcream
5 tbs Raw cacao
2 dl maple syrup
3 tbs coconutsugar
A pinch of salt
2-3 dl soaked cashews

Mix the ingredients for the two layers separately in a food processor! Press the chocolate dough into a dish covered in a baking paper and simply pour layer number 2 (the choco-coffee cream) on top. Put in the freezer to set!

Enjoy! x