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Drop it like a Squat!

We've got a simple but effective Leg and Bum workout for you from our gorgeous Heroica Victoria! 

6 exercises - repeat three times to feel the burn! 

  • Lunges - 10 on either side
  • Squats x10
  • Step outs - 10 on either side (hold yourself in a plank position and move your leg out to tap the floor to the side of you. Either alternate legs, or do 10 on one side and then 10 on the other)
  • Fire Hydrants - 10 on either side (The most attractive of exercises!! Start on all fours and then lift your bent leg up to the side as if (yup, you guessed it!) you're a dog peeing on a Fire Hydrant!) 
  • Glute Bridge variation x10 (Lay on your back with your knees bent and your hands by your side. Raise your bum up to create a straight line from your knees to your shoulders then open and close your legs keeping your bum raised. You can make this workout harder by using a band around your knees!)
  • Donkey Kick - 10 on each side (Start on all fours, then keeping your knee bent raise your foot up and press towards the sky)

We love to see you in action, so if you give this workout a try then don't forget to tag us #heroicalife

Victoria is wearing our Run and Relax Cross Over Bra and Bandha Tights in Aubergine.

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