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What is Pilates?

Our Ambassadors from Pilates Complete explain what Pilates actually is as well as the benefits to your body!

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What is Pilates? Explanation from our Ambassadors Jasmin and Linda

Pilates is an intelligent exercise, or system of exercises designed to achieve a strong, smooth and balanced body. In Pilates, every human is seen from an overall perspective. Correctly performed, pilates training leads to increased body awareness, control and balance. We strive for even muscle weight focusing on the deep stabilising muscles that keep the body upright. The result is that you feel better and you are strengthened.

Pilates aims to regain the natural stance of the body and achieve optimum strength, agility, balance and endurance. Balance between strength and mobility, but also balance between the bodily and the spiritual. The goal is simply to feel good!

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One can say that Pilates is two things:

1. An explanation of how to best use the body in order to;

• Get back to the natural attitude of the body &

• Get the most out of your workout.

2. An exercise bank with over 500 exercises that can be performed with machines and tools such as balls, rolls, ties etc. but also with your own body.

Pilates is strength training, stabilisation training and agility training. All exercises are designed to strengthen the entire body, not just a muscle group and aim to get a stronger, smoother and better balanced body.

You work very carefully during Pilates and the most important thing is how to align your body and breathe properly, not how far you get moving, how much weight you put on or how many repetitions you make.

Pilates is more a technique than an exercise form and it requires a strong focus from its practitioners. We put the emphasis on control, precision, concentration and breathing. Initially we look for the weaknesses and imbalances so that we know how to rebuild the body. You usually say that you are not stronger than the weakest link, and we look for it and want it to be as strong as possible!

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PILATES trains five basic principles:


• Location of the pelvis

• Position of the chest

• Stabilisation and movement

• Head and neck position

Some of the main benefits of pilates are:

• Safe and effective training.

• Strengthens the body's deep-lying muscles.

• Balances strength and agility.

• Improves balance, coordination and circulation.

• Improves posture.

• Is gentle, which allows everyone to participate - regardless of sex, age or physical status.

• Increases body awareness - you use the body more appropriately

• Raises performance in other sports (golf, skiing, yoga, dance, etc.).

• Is very successful as rehabilitation after injury.