With sustainability as a guiding star, MPWR develop training clothes for the conscious woman with high demands on function and design. With a personal touch in everything from product development and marketing to delivery and customer care, MPWR strive to exceed their customers' expectations.

Real Women MPWR Women (White) On sale
Kimono (Black) On sale


Kimono (Black)

979 kr 1 399 kr

Kimono (Black Quan Yin) On sale


Kimono (Black Quan Yin)

1 049 kr 1 499 kr

Bamboo Harem Pant (Navy) On sale
Twisted Tank (Navy) On sale


Twisted Tank (Navy)

314 kr 449 kr

Bamboo Long Sleeve (Navy) On sale
Comfort Long Sleeve (Black) On sale
Loose Tank (Dusty Rose) On sale
Cardio Tights (Black) On sale


Cardio Tights (Black)

384 kr 549 kr

Seamless Crop Top (Gold) On sale
Low Support Bra (Black) On sale
Sporty Pants Gold On sale


Sporty Pants Gold

664 kr 949 kr

Gym Socks Gold On sale


Gym Socks Gold

90 kr 129 kr

Gym Sack Pro (Gold) On sale


Gym Sack Pro (Gold)

125 kr 179 kr

Bamboo Harem Pant (Black) On sale
Bamboo Tank (Black Quan Yin) On sale
Tank Open Back (Black) On sale