At Heroica we have a vision of the world where fitness and beauty is a positive and a source of confidence, not anxiety or envy. Our mission is for women to empower women; their friends, family, colleagues, daughters - we should be building one another up. Heroica is about inspiring women to want to look and feel like the best version of themselves, because looking and feeling your best makes you feel happier. We want to use real women on our website for our product imagery and our own collection photographs. Models are gorgeous, but they reflect a narrow view of beauty. We believe that fitness is for everyone and that's why we endeavour to use women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities, hair colour and style. 

Here you can meet our models.


Scout (Scout_wolf) is our awesome model from Gothenburg. Scout is a tennis superstar - when you see her at Wimbledon remember that you saw her here first!!


Linda (healthbylinda) is our gorgeous model and fitness ambassador from Malmö. Linda, 29 didn't always enjoy fitness but now teaches classes around her full-time job. Linda is blogging for us and running you through some of her favourite fitness routines in her blog 'Träningspass med Linda'


Sofia (sofiialindqviist) is our beautiful model and health ambassador from Småland. Sofia, 23 is a whizz in the kitchen and is creating delicious and simple recipes for you to try at home. Find these in her blog 'Simply Sofia'.

"Listen to your body and don't compare yourself with others, be proud of yourself, everyone is a star!"


Victoria (victoria.malmbbg) is our stunning model from Kungsbacka. Victoria is 26 and a mum of two. Victoria is working in a gym whilst studying to become a personal trainer.